About Tru-Power

Brief History of Tru-Power Corporation

Tru-Service Company was established by Ken Truitt. In 1977 Mr. Truitt opened his doors and began servicing power quality hardware for various customers with critical load applications. During this time period he represented Emerson, Topaz, and Deltec for their service.

In 1981 Ken took on two partners, Harry Fisher and Scott Kasson, with one mission, to establish a growth based service organization. Prior to their partnership, Fisher, Kasson, and Truitt had all worked in the industry for a UPS manufacturer.

Shortly after 1981, additional manufacturers sought after the services of Tru-Service Company. CPI, Best, HDR, SCI, and CPP, during this time period, all became a part of our represented service base.

In 1984 Tru-Service Company incorporated and changed its name to Tru-Power Corporation.

In 1990 Tru-Power added Chloride Power Systems to their service representation and took on the servicing of ICP Atlas energy systems.

In 1994 Tru-Power became the east coast service reps for Holec rotary UPS systems (now called Hitec). To this day we have a great working relationship with Hitec. In 2008, the revenue from our relationship with this company along with independent contracts, sales, and project management made that year one of the most profitable in company history.

In 2000 Tru-Power merged with UpTime Solutions/CEPE (computer room cooling and power specialists) to become a complete provider of mission critical infrastructure support.

In 2009 Mitsubishi Electrical Power Products Incorporated was added as a represented manufacturer.

Today the mission of Tru-Power Corporation remains the same. We aim to provide quality preventive maintenance for power quality hardware that prolong the life of the equipment and, more importantly, keep the critical load on line.The founders, Harry Fisher and Scott Kasson are still active members in the organization.


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