Computer Room Cooling & Supply & Return Air Strategies

Do you have hot spots in your computer room? 
Adding more cooling may not be the best answer.

Computer Room Cooling Services
  • Energy Consumption Reduction (Lower TCO)
  • Air flow management versus supplemental cooling
  • CFM Measured for the load in REAL TIME
  • ECM Motors & Plug Fans that consume less energy
  • Reduced under-floor velocity issues, balanced air delivery to servers
  • Eliminating the cost of raised floors?
  • Computer Room Cooling Analysis
  • Hot Spot analysis with thermal imaging cameras
  • High Density Cooling
  • Air mixing issues
  • Opengate Data Systems return air systems
  • Data Aire Floor & Ceiling Cooling
  • APC InRoom Cooling
  • APC High Density Cooling
  • APC In Row Cooling
  • Liebert Floor & Ceiling Cooling
  • Liebert XD Cooling-refrigerant based cooling
  • Liebert In Row Cooling
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning CRAC Maintenance

New cooling demands and how to address these challenges
Some of the biggest changes are happening in the field of computer room cooling.  Manufacturers are innovating to provide high density solutions.  As a parallel, everyone is looking at the inefficiencies in the data center with a keen eye on energy consumption.  The current pace suggests a doubling of power requirements every 18 months based on the physical space associated with new equipment. This naturally results in increased heat loads.  Removal of this heat is more difficult and resulting in a number of solutions, some good and some not so good.  Companies like APC, Liebert, Data Aire and Stultz are providing numerous solutions for challenging heat loads.  Tru-Power is uniquely qualified to sort through the various offerings to provide the best cooling solution. 

Problems start to appear when the power consumption per rack goes over five kw. To compound this issue, companies like IBM have announced server solutions that will require up to 60 KW of power.   The industry has responded with some pretty wild approaches believing that traditional methods of computer room cooling are not feasible.  However, down flow cooling can meet most server and computer room applications.  And yes, that applies to high density blade server applications.  There are methods to allow up to 30 kw per rack of heat removal without having to resort to, what are known as supplemental cooling techniques, in row cooling or overhead cooling.  Both of these solutions as provided by Liebert and APC are costly, take up valuable floor space, and still require cooling from standard CRAC (computer room air conditioner) units.   Adding to the upfront costs, these band aid approach methods are complex in nature and expensive to maintain.

Unity Cooling Concept
One of the most exciting innovations is occurring between Opengate Data Systems and Data Aire.  Essentially, the premise of this collaboration is an effort to eliminate one of the most inefficient aspects of modern computer room.  The average computer room over delivers cooling by a factor of 2.5 times.  In other words, for every 100 cfm of air that goes through a server rack, on average 150 cfm of air bypasses the server rack.  So, what is the problem with this situation?  The return air temperature is lowered based on a blending of cold air with the hot air back to the cooling system. This drives down the supply air temperature resulting in excessive latent (moisture) removal.  As a result, the humidifiers constantly run.  It is a vicious cycle which wastes resources and increases power consumption of the data center. 

Opengate Data Systems addresses Air Management
Proper air management provides a much more effective way to solve your cooling needs compared to simply adding more cooling capacity.   Not only is this method more effective but it is has a much greater affect on lowering energy consumption. Link

Naturally, all the aspects associated with proper computer room cooling and best practices can not be fully covered in a few paragraphs.  Give us a call and we will be happy to work with you regarding your cooling needs and challenges. 


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