UPS Preventive Maintenance Program

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Over the past 30 years Tru-Power Corporation has observed and transitioned with the evolution of the  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and the dynamics of the mission critical industry.  Our tenure in this industry and the knowledgeable insight gained from our experience uniquely qualifies Tru-Power Corporation to consult our customers how to properly implement and maintain their UPS and other important components that make up their mission critical infrastructure.  The end goal is to ensure a reliable, safe and efficient environment.

Implementation of our UPS predictive maintenance programs utilizing modern technology is the highest measure to achieve minimal downtime, optimum productivity and reduced repair costs.

The fundamentals we address are the elements surrounding the meticulous planning and detail required for the predictive maintenance programs utilizing the best technology available.  These fundamentals are essential in order to accomplish what we strive to achieve.  Uptime and reliable operation of your UPS system.   

Our engineers have experience maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing Liebert, MGE, Chloride, APC, Powerware, Mitsubishi, Gamatronic as well as other single and three phase UPS systems from 1 kva to 1000 kva. 

Preventive Maintenance for UPS System (PDF)

General Scope of Work for Semi-Annual and Annual UPS Preventive Maintenance (PDF)

Emergency Procedures and Protocols (PDF)

Tru-Power UPS Safety Program (PDF)

Tru-Power (UPS) Brief Description of Preventive Maintenance Standard Service Options (PDF)

Tru-Power UPS Parts Coverage (PDF)

Tru-Power General Contract Terms (PDF)

Tru-Power Value Proposition Statement (PDF)

Tru-Power Multi Site Planning (PDF)



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