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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Richmond, VAMatching the Application

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The UPS should fit the application, NOT the other way around.

The delivery of clean power coupled is paramount to all mission critical loads of various applications.  The prevalence of this need has made the uninterruptable power supply (UPS) unit a standard piece of equipment and common practice.  However, Tru-Power Corp. still does not consider these products a commodity quite yet.  Quality, proper implementation, and matching the application with the appropriate UPS design are important aspects that are often over looked.  Today purchasing a UPS based on labels, buzz words, and sometimes price alone is costing owners’ money and time, and driving an overall increase in total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Our tenure in the mission critical industry and the knowledgeable insight gained from this experience uniquely qualifies Tru-Power Corp. to consult our customers on how to properly implement robust, reliable, efficient, and most importantly the right UPS systems into their mission critical power infrastructure. 

At Tru-Power Corp. we further separate ourselves by ignoring unmerited buzz words such as “Green” and avoiding gimmick efficiency designs that sacrifice reliability.  Instead, we seek out solutions with measurable results and approach the application from a common sense perspective.  And we start with the one-line and load, and the individual needs of the customer, not the UPS.

Tru-Power has a range of different solutions.  We can objectively consult our customers as to what will work, often providing more than one solution such that the best system is chosen.

Listed below are some important topics gathered to inform and educate our customers.

The Evolution of the UPS and Tru-Power Corporation

Historically, UPS systems were cumbersome, noisy, inefficient, and could not easily be paralleled for capacity or redundancy.  More importantly, in the past there was absence of technology and creative design to accommodate the diverse needs of different applications.  Over the past 30 years Tru-Power has observed and transitioned with the evolution of the UPS and the dynamics of the Information Technology industry.  During this time period and continuing into the present day we seek out the technology and unique UPS designs to meet the very specific needs of individual company’s IT infrastructure.

Tru-Power and Technology

Tru-Power is constantly researching and seeking out manufactures that can provide real solutions to real problems and deliver results that are measurable.  Meaning, many manufactures are using buzz terms such as ‘Green” with no merit associated with their product features.  To elaborate on this we can address the new “econ mode” being pushed by many manufactures in various marketing techniques.  This feature is marketed to deliver high efficiency percentages.  How are they accomplishing these efficiencies is by taking the UPS off line.  Meaning there is no conversion through the rectifier/inverter as in normal operation sacrificing clean power and reliability.  In the case of a failure, high levels of harmonics, or other harmful factors, the UPS must switch to divert power back through the rectifier and to complete the conversion process.  When does a light bulb fail?  Unfortunately, it is when it is turned on.

Efficiency with out Sacrificing Reliability

Tying in with Double Online Conversion technology, this topic speaks to technological advances in the inverter and rectifier sections of the UPS to reduce energy waste or rather generate higher efficiencies without increasing the risk of failure.


There are now solution providing modular single and three phase UPS solutions that allow expansion for capacity and redundancy.  

Double On-Line Conversion Technology

All of our systems provide on line, double conversion technology providing the highest efficiency and the benefits of regenerative power to insure reliable operation of your IT infrastructure. 

Please see links below to our UPS manufacturers and contact us if you would like to talk about a centralized or decentralized UPS solution.



Tired of unreliable Rackmount UPS systems?  Contact us to discuss a high reliable redundant centralized UPS solution.  It can make a real difference!


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