Infrastructure Analysis and Power Audits

  • power auditCurrent power and cooling requirements
  • Spare capacity analysis
  • Building infrastructure analysis relative to available capacity for growth
  • Allocating power and cooling to add new equipment
  • Analysis of Infrastructure for capacity and growth
  • Single point of failure analysis
  • Accounting for Inefficiencies
  • Identifying hot spots
  • Supply/return airflow analysis

Do you know how much spare cooling and UPS capacity you have for your IT systems?  Did you know that many UPS systems do not accurately provide correct load percentages relative to available UPS capacity based on developing trends of computer loads resulting in higher power factor profiles?  Do you have the available power/breaker and physical space to add more UPS power and cooling?

One would be surprised to know that many organizations do not have the answers to these questions.  This often leads to nasty surprises when new equipment leads to cooling problems, or worse overloading of the UPS.  Tru-Power possesses the knowledge and resources to help eliminate the guess work providing a concise analysis of your power and cooling.  Thermal imaging cameras are utilized to scan the UPS, switch gear, computer racks and aisles to provide an accurate heat signature image exposing areas of problems.  Singe points of failure are exposed and identified along with infrastructure limitations. 

Our reports provide a clear picture of your data center/server room identifying current loads, available capacities and site limitations so you won’t be surprised by cooling or insufficient UPS power.  Give us a call if you are interested an analysis.  The cost for these analysis is very reasonable and provides a great value for your future IT planning. 

Can anything be done to increase the reliability of our computer system?

Implementing Redundancy to address potential failures or single point of failures will decrease the risk of costly downtime. + Expand

Computer Room Air Conditioners, UPS, and other infrastructure components have potential points of failure.  Even the most technologically advanced equipment can perceivably fail and can be considered a point of failure.  Determining a solution for redundant power and cooling can decrease the risk of dropping critical loads. 


Do we have power quality problems?
The supply of clean power can be disrupted by harmonics, damaged or old equipment, and other
 + Expand

It is vital that clean power be supplied to computers and that it is delivered in an efficient manner.  Unclean power is not only harmful to the load but it is very costly as well.  Inefficient equipment contributes to a tremendous amount of a company's energy consumption and in turn the companies money.

For implementing the right power and cooling strategies see power and cooling pages. Click HERE

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